Service & Support Contracts

See an overview of all our service contracts below.

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All Inclusive

Most of our maintenance agreements provide all-inclusive cover and include the cost of all engineering time, and all parts. Budgeting is made easy and cost is controlled by knowing that there are not going to be any big surprises if your machine breaks down in the future.


Some of our contracts include scheduled preventative visits for an expert engineer to give your printer a thorough check over, clean and lubricate where necessary and replace any parts that are nearing their expected life. This minimises the chance of troublesome printer failures and as we give the machine a clean and a polish at the same time keeps your printer looking pristine.


If your equipment fails right when you need it the most, we can print your artwork on our machines straight away at your normal contract price, while we send our team to investigate and repair. This way you don’t have to worry about a thing and can go on doing business as usual.


Our cloud-based technology can monitor all assets, automatically sending requests to our technicians when an issue arises. The technicians are able to remotely monitor equipment, plan preventative maintenance and arrive on site with the relevant parts or software to prevent a problem before it occurs.

HP certified engineers & HP genuine parts

Our HP engineers are have taken the HP Certified Training Courses and are highly skilled, this enables us to fix your issues quickly with minimal diagnostics and time taken in trying to find out where the issue lies. They will have your machine fixed and working in no time at all.

High quality systems & processes

We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified business and we believe in the standards and use them in our daily routines. This ensures that everything get’s done in an organised fashion and we never drop the ball. We are extremely environmentally aware and do all we can to have a minimum impact on the environment and recycle, refurbish or reuse everything that we can.